Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the sessions?
Sessions at David Lloyd can either be 30 minutes of 1 hour. Very few of my clients have 30 minute sessions but it is an option if you’re really tight for time. Due to the time it takes for me to travel from one clients house to the next, I am not able to conduct 30 minute sessions for home training. However, even if you consider yourself very unfit, an hour session conducted well will not be too long for you.

Can I bring a friend or partner?
Yes absolutely! Several of my clients come as a couple and this has always worked well even where they initially felt their goals were not the same. Call me to find out how this works. The maximum number of people I will train at one time is 3. This is so that I can give you my full attention and ensure that every exercise is performed perfectly.

How much do sessions cost?
Sessions are priced differently for home training and gym based training, 30 min sessions or 1 hour sessions, one person or two………it’s best if we discuss it 1-2-1. Personal training is an investment and it is one I am sure you will not regret.

Do I get a discount if I buy lots of sessions?
Absolutely, when you pay in advance for 12 or more sessions. I’d be lying if I said I could get you to lose a stone or add 5kg of muscle in one hour so I want to reward you for embarking on a journey with an end goal in sight. By paying up front you are committing yourself to the challenge and as such you are less likely to fall off the wagon! You don’t have to use all your sessions at once- you have up to 6 months in which to use them- more than enough time to have made significant changes.

Can I try it before I commit to a full set of sessions?
I positively insist that you do! I want you to WANT me to come and train you so it’s important to me that you know what I’m like before you commit and vice versa. I work hard making sure you enjoy your workouts & as I’ll be pushing you and badgering you to get the best it’s imperative that we can get along. For your FREE, no obligation, 30 minute session, call me on 07967 998 295.

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