How does Personal Training work?

All of my programmes are tailored precisely to meet your needs and goals.

A combination of resistance (strength) and cardiovascular training is applied in such a way as to get the maximum benefit for every workout.

It’s extremely common in most gyms to see people performing exercises with bad technique who fail to make any progress towards their goals. Having personal training can often make the difference between success and complete failure- as many of my clients who had previously tried to do it alone will tell you!

Having a personal trainer alongside you in the progression of your fitness ensures that as you progress and develop, so does your programme. Fitness gains, be it weight loss, strength building or injury rehab, need to be constantly evolving to make your body adjust and improve. With my help, you will be continually challenged to optimise improvement.

Not everyone employs a personal trainer for the same reasons- sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to moan at.

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