We started working with Charlotte not long after joining David Lloyd. We have now been put through our paces by Charlotte for over three years and we keep coming back for more. Our sessions are always fun, challenging and always interesting and packed with various types of exercises and programmes that keep you motivated and leave you feeling great. We cannot recommend Charlotte highly enough and anyone who decides to use Charlotte will  Not regret it. But be warned she will ensure that you work hard, she even smiles when putting you through the pain barrier.
Kirk & Wendy

Previous to Charlotte, my workout experience had not been very effective and I found myself doing the same old thing without any drive. Charlotte brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to our workouts. I am consistently and constantly challenged by new exercises. The variety of exercise and the balanced approach Charlotte created has helped me in finding new ways to challenge myself. I am amazed at the time and care she puts in to ensure I do things correctly and get the most value from the exercise. Charlotte has enabled me to do things I was not able to do before and I believe she has created a much more energetic and happier me! I wholeheartedly recommend Charlotte for all she has done for me and for her energy, professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm.
Angela L

I have been training with Charlotte for nearly a year now, and still enjoy all the sessions!! Whilst she works me very hard, the benefits are immense, having got me through a recent 23k run / 25k bike / 2k row event! The PT sessions are always fun, but with a clear focus for each one, allowing Charlotte to target our training together to my goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte as a great PT – you won’t regret it.
Paul L

I trained with Charlotte for about 4 months before my wedding as I wanted to loose a bit of bulk so I looked good in the photos. The great thing I realised about Charlotte is that she quickly works out how best to motivate you as an individual. She doesn’t treat anyone the same was as any of her other clients. She works out a training plan that suits your needs as well as how best to motivate you as an individual. This meant that I was always motivated when I was with Charlotte. It also meant that even though it was hard work, I always enjoyed working with Charlotte because it felt like a tailor made service just for me. I am delighted to say that I achieved my aim of slimming down a bit for the wedding. I know that had it not been for Charlotte I would not have achieved it.

Ben S

I had been an occasional, often half-hearted gym-goer for a few years but always knew I wasn’t pushing myself anywhere near enough. I always felt that personal trainers were a luxury, but it soon became clear that having one was really making a big difference in a relatively short space of time. Charlotte helped me achieve my goal of losing body fat, building lean muscle and increasing fitness in a dramatic fashion. Our sessions include a mixture of weights, circuit routines and intense cardiovascular programmes. Having a personal trainer is a great way to keep motivated, Charlotte is constantly encouraging me and pushing me to do better.
Susan K

I started training with Charlotte in a bid to lose weight. I hated going to the gym by myself but knew that I had to do something to improve my health. I have lost over three and a half stone and my health has never been better. I frequently beat my wife up the hills on our dog walks, (much to her annoyance), something I haven’t done in over 10 years! I see Charlotte twice a week and it is now so ingrained in me that I have arrived at the gym before I have even thought about whether I want to go or not. Despite the regular nature of our sessions Charlotte always finds new things for me to do and it has been brilliant to see my improvement in all areas of fitness over our time together.
Tony T